Project A4 w/ reflection

In order to see how I normally represent myself, I started to look at my website and portfolio which shows about me. I have noticed that my contents and the way I introduce myself was very technique oriented rather than my personal information. (Very skill based, list of things what I can do).

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.25.29 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.25.39 AM



Through the mattering map activity, I started to brainstorm what surrounds me currently in order to find out what I am considering as an important thing. Through the activity I’ve noticed that the relationships between people gives very huge impact on me, and also studying abroad did really created another personality. I have noticed that I value happiness of myself and people around me, therefore as a result, I concluded myself that I do things that make me and others happy as a broad meaning of my ultimate goal of value.


To see important events that happened in my life, I created a timeline and create some icons that represents my interest. After I created this page, I realized how I think my cat, Ggomang as an important part of my life. She really helped me when I was having a hard time. Also it was pretty interesting to see how I narrowed my job field into UX/UI design.

design ethos

So I listed down few main activities that I am involved in such as design projects, working socializing with others, studying and job searching. I listed down how I feel while doing these activities, and interestingly language and culture really derive me to decide how I feel even through the same activity.

For example, even when I am doing a design project with others I found myself more comfortable working in Korean and I become more active when I work with other Korean members.


Based on the previous activities I listed down some keywords that I value the most above all. And I tend to apply and question myself these features when I try to make a decision while working and socializing.


Because I recently decided to get a UX designer job position for my very first job, I wanted to organize myself how I understand UX design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.18.26 PM

Because I started to change my mind to become a UX designer from my junior year, I was or maybe I am still unsure if becoming a UX designer is the right job position that I really want. So I wrote down few characteristics and features that describe me. And then I highlighted the features that I feel it is relative and useful.

Based on the thoughts, I created a paragraph in order to organize my thoughts toward design and what I value as a designer.

Life is full of choices. Massive amounts of products are manufactured and sold every second. When we try to buy a product, we notice that we consider a lot of factors in a short amount of time. So what do we consider? Price? Color? Materials? Brand? Design? After we make these decisions we buy them simply by swiping a credit card. 

The process of purchasing has become oversimplified, and we tend to get rid off things so quickly, and this lead us to over-consume. We tend to buy unnecessary things, and sometimes we buy the same products over and over because of the lack of durability. So can we change this consumption pattern as designers? 

Small parts of design matters; a small part of a material can change the whole feeling of the product, and a misplaced button can cause the failure to appropriately interact with the user. Small changes in design can enhance the products’ value and small changes in design can make products’ last longer. These small changes in design, no matter how minimal it is, can even have a quality life, quality experience, and quality object.

Design is a universal language and design empowers us to change people’s behavior. 

In my point of view I think showing my design ethos is very important for the recruiters and companies to know before they decide to either hire me and know about me. Therefore based on my whole process and my paragraph about my design ethos, I add my design ethos in my website and simply visualized it.

Click here to see my website

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.23.31 AM

Click here for the presentation file


I feel like this project was probably one of the most difficult yet precious proeject from this sememster. Although it is my 5th year studying about design, I was surpised to myself that I never spend fair amount of time about my design belief. I vaguely knew that I want ( or need) to be a UX designer, however I never thought about why I wanted to be a UX designer. Honestly because CMU have a stress culture, I was always pressured to work on something no matter what, and maybe I didn’t even tried to question about myself about doing works that I need to face it. Even though it might seemed to be a really simple question to ask what I want to do and what I value in my life, it was very challenging for me to come up with answers. During this project, some projects especially the mattering map project really made me personal and it was pretty hard for me to find the right boundary to share them with others. Therefore the activities I did through this project was very helpful for me to rethink if I really want this job position and if I would feel confident doing UX design as a career. I realized that I do prioritize my happiness and other peoples’ happiness.

Through the activity I was able to find out more about myself and was able to find out some of the reasons that causes me stress. I was bit surprised that I was acutally really stressed from the language barrier and culture difference. However through study abroad I was able to earn wider point of view and was able to learn about design through great design program. I really enjoyed others’ projects also and I was very impressed that how each presentations deeply and well presents their own belief in their life. I was very touched from others’ presentations and I thought it was very brave them to talk about their personal stories.

If I had more time to reflect myself, I want to focus on my personality and figure out more how to balance work and life since I will start to work after graduation. I want to find more things that I am passionate about and what would be the best way to get rid off stress.


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