A2 Reflection

what did you discover / learn

It was really a good chance to learn about how different companies face the sustainability and trying to apply their belief in sustainability to their products. It was quite interesting to see how Wegmen’s ethos from Gilly’s presentation. Because I only focused on environmental sustainability from last project, it was good to see how current grocery stores are focusing on different aspects of sustainability such as working environment and education.

what were you challenged by

My biggest challenge for this project was to find the real impact: if their sustainability policies successfully work directly to the customers. I could not find much resources how the actual customers feel about this and if these motivates enough to the customers. I had to conduct a short interview to find this out to have a sense if customers are currently familiar and currently motivated enough to change their consuming habits. I thought the overall time frame of this project was little bit short to iterate down different directions of possible solutions.

what did you question

While I was working on this project, I questioned that how the companies gain benefits from accepting sustainable policies. Also because I always think that people are not going to change their habits easily, there should be any catalyst in order to get motivated and if there is no result coming out directly to us, people won’t count as an important things to consider. I would like to know more if there are any laws for companies to be sustainable.

how successful was your project

I am not quite sure if my possible solutions would really trigger the customers to act sustainably. I am pretty satisfied that I came up with an idea of current event that the company is having, and used the fact that people are very motivated to buy rare items. However I am not fully sure that if customers will be motivated to the concept of sustainability by purchasing items from the company.

what would you do differently

Instead of only focusing on other big fast fashion companies like Zara, I would also try to focus on other small companies that are sustainable. I am pretty sure that they have special solutions in order to be sustainable such as in manufacturing process, materials, or even working environment. I would also try to think how can these big companies apply small companies’ sustainable policies to their own business.



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