[Speak Lab]Solution/ Presentation

Through the activities and online search, I noticed that because terms and conditions are so long and text-based, even though it contains most (almost every) contexts that people want, people tend to miss important information because:

  • Too much contexts to cover in such a text format
  • Company try to hide by make the contents not legible enough to take an advantage
  • People feel numb / forced to provide online private because a lot of other people are using the same service by providing same information.
  • Social propensity of ppl commonly sharing information through the Internet
  • Indirect impact unlike physical damage
  • Lack of knowledge toward online information  privacy

So I thought what kind of ways would motivate people to pick important information and go through those information before they create an account.

As a design student and considering myself as one of the users, I started to link myself by questioning when do I get to read and recognize the contents better?

What kind of elements do I add in order to deliver my thoughts and opinions to others more efficiently.

When do I concentrate while reading a context? What kind of features do I feel more interested to read and see when I read something?

Based on those questions, I came up with a solution that:

  • Understands what kind of information the readers want
  • Based on the user’s needs, new terms and conditions need to have a revised format that gives hierarchy in text contents itself with visual elements such as icons, illustrations, cartoon, etc.

In order to make this change, it is not only the companies’ duty but also the governments.


Government – need to legislate the companies to provide terms and conditions that contains fair regulations for the user.

This terms and conditions should be passed by government, and supervise companies to make sure that they do not change the contents without notifying others.

Companies – They can create new terms and condition that shows their company identity, and this effort will bring positive impact on company’s brand power

moreover the user will get clear information, so they will build up a trust toward the company.

The user-  Just by adding small visual contents it will naturally grab attention and It will change users behavior in reading terms and conditions

Able to get information in a short amount of time and effectively, so that they can be more aware of online usage and they will build up a sense to judge if this service is valuable enough to provide their information so that people can prevent from exposing unnecessary information online.

Link : Presentation


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