[Speak Lab]Interview

After I create different personas depending on people’s different scenarios and their habits, I wanted to make sure what was the “real problem”.

Is the problem of people getting numb toward online security really because they do not have much chance to get educated on these threats?

What kind of education did they have in order to learn about online/ information privacy?

If they already had education, was that education really helpful enough to change their habits and conscious toward information privacy?

So I had a short interview with 7 people in different age range to find out these questions. I conducted questions in  order to find their internet privacy knowledge and their feelings toward information privacy.

I asked four 20s, two 30s, and one 40s to see if there was any difference thoughts depending on its age.

  •  In a range of 1 – 10 scale how much do you think you are aware of online Information privacy?
  • Do you know what kind of private information is exposed online?
  • Did you ever read terms and conditions? 

The amount of interviewees are yet quite too small to get unbiased answers, however I was able to find some interesting facts from the interviews.

Surprisingly, (impressively) a lot of people tend to have enough knowledge to be secure with possible threats.

  • Have knowledge about what information that they are sharing (gain information through articles or posting on Social Networking Services.
  • People did not feel that they are getting enough information from service providers and there was lack of trust toward them
  • 6/7 people answered that they never had read terms and conditions before, and only one person tried to read it, because he had a payment issue while using the app service.

Because I learned that my problem statement is not quite right. Based on the result, I brought up the conclusion that lack of education isn’t a reason. What I noticed was even if they recognize about the threats, and know how to check the information they want, people are too overwhelmed to go over all the terms and conditions before they use the service.


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