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Based on the concept maps, I did some further research on information privacy. Because I even myself did not have much knowledge about how my information can be shared and seen to other people and can easily be used. And plus I was not aware of this, because I never had any “direct” damage through online.
I wanted to know how people’s information are exposed to online and how people are reacting toward this system. :



  • About 200 million US citizens have had their call records monitored since 2001.
  • “Since 9/11/2001, The National Security Agency (NSA) of America has been collecting detailed call history and conversations from the nation’s three largest phone companies in the hopes of building what it calls  – WordStream

This phenomena was not only for US

  • 166,801 Privacy complaints in Korea (2011-12)
  • 68% of 2012 internet privacy complaints were about social media and smartphone applications in Hong Kong

Surprisingly some of the countries tend to take information privacy  seriously:

  • 78% of Australians have refused to provide personal information online
  • 100% increase in time spent providing privacy advice from 2007-2012
  • 65% of school children in Mexico learn about online privacy at school
  • 88% increase in public education and outreach in British Columbia in 2011-2012

Because from concept map activities and through asking around people about current situation’s problem, I have noticed that people are numb toward information privacy because they do not have enough opportunities to learn about it, and because majority of people did not experienced direct damage online (yet) people are not putting enough effort to take care of their online information privacy. Moreover, because people do not want to spend too much time on reading all the information that are provided by companies, and this cause people to miss important information naturally.

Based on these factors I created 3 different scenarios:


*** Possible persona: students who are just starting to use online services, a product manager from the security company.


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