[Speak Lab] Information Privacy concept map2

Based on our concept map we decided to come up with a new concept map. We tried to understand basically how things are connected to each other, and tried to figure out how things are affected by each other. We started off from dividing 3 starting points(Users, Government, Corporations)  and decided to see how things are connected through different methods. Each 3 elements are connected through different devices such as V2V connection devices, Bluetooth devices, and even iphones and laptops. Also through different signal streams such as satellites, routers, cell towers and others.

Users use several devices to connect to other users. Through this process, people input their private information easily and they are easily accessible and shared. Their information are unknowingly spread, and exposed to other users. From this process, different elements  either unintentionally or intentionally threats users and users are harmed through online.

After we discussed about different factors and discussed about each threats, we came up with a statement that different kinds of threats can caused in the system. What I have noticed from the chart was that places such as government, companies, or even other users can be a threat unintentionally. (or intentionally) Through this process we discussed how things are connected and how things are vulnerably exposed to different places.

In order to understand deeply, we tried to figure out how things are connected and what kind of services are provided through particular devices. (iPhone, laptop) We tried to separate different types of services (Social, Financial, Entertainment, Transportation, Tools, Health, and Cloud computing). Through this activity we get to discuss about what services are provided and moreover their functions and even threats that we can get through these services. Once we created the map, we noticed most of the services are using Social Network Services in order to communicate with the user, and we discussed that through this process, it creates the trend of the user providing their private information super easily.



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