[Speak Lab] If~, then~

While research, we get to do if~, then~ activity based on our persona. Because I was focusing on the importance of education, I listed down ‘If’ statements (green) as for problem statements , possible solutions, or presumptions, I put solutions and possible answers as ‘that’ part (purple).

From the activity, I have noticed that some of the If statements are based on either the user itself’s behavior (by their will), or change of the environment so that they suggests people’s change in behavior.

While I was doing the activity, I was curious if this problem (people being ignorant to their online usage and how their private information is so easily accessible to other online users) really is a problem and is this all about our mindset, or social environments’ problem.


In order to understand and find out if this is the real problem and if so, what would be the possible causes that cause the problem, I decided to take a deeper research by asking real online users.


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