[Wonder Lab] Script – Design Ethos

As technology develops, massive amount of goods are created and consumers are easily able to purchase them. As more consumption path are provided to consumers, this phenomenon will cause another tendency of people replacing or over-consuming products. This can make people to lack emotional and close relationship to the products they own, and  tend to spend less time to interact and use them. And this might repress the whole design purpose of a product. Every design has its own purpose, and it can interpret differently depending on the user. It is part of designers duty to design products collectible or have its own purpose and give behavioral or emotional impact on the user. Through design process, we consistently speculate and create new things based on our desire and needs. Because interaction is important, every design needs to derive empathy from the targeted user. Each design needs to consider other designs and its comprehensive circumstances in order to create a reciprocal relationship.

Notes based on Feedbacks)
Importance of environmental aspects: One chair can change the whole image

“Ecology of systems”

ex) What do you consider when you shop? Even when you bought an expensive product, these products might end up in Goodwill.

People tend to buy a lot. (Too much)
People tend to waste a lot.
People want to express themselves with products they consume.

Little things matter : Design, Material, Color even finishing line etc.

Keywords: Manufacture, Mass Production, Over-consume, Lack of durability

 Thesis/Script Outline
State the current situation -> Tell the audience why this tendency or mindset is “dangerous” for us -> In order to solve this problem, how should we approach this problem and what we should consider as a designer.

Life is full of choices. Massive amounts of products are manufactured and sold every second. When we try to buy a product, we notice that we consider a lot of factors in a short amount of time. So what do we consider? Price? Color? Materials? Brand? Design?
After we make these decisions we buy them simply by swiping a credit card. The process of purchasing has become oversimplified, and we tend to get rid off things so quickly, and this lead us to over-consume.
We tend to buy unnecessary things, and sometimes we buy the same products over and over because of the lack of durability. So can we change this consumption pattern as designers?
Small parts of design matters; a small part of a material can change the whole feeling of the product, and a misplaced button can cause the failure to appropriately interact with the user. Small changes in design can enhance the products’ value and small changes in design can make products’ last longer. This will give the user quality experience, quality interaction, and quality object. These small changes in design , no matter how minimal it is, can even have a significant impact in the world.
Design is an universal language and design empowers us to change people’s behavior.


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