[Wonder Lab] Exercise 5:Thesis

#1 Every design has its own purpose, and different designs interact each other and creates ambitendency. Through design process, we consistently speculate and create new things based on our desire and needs. Because interaction is important, every design needs to derive empathy from the targeted user. Each design needs to consider other designs and its comprehensive circumstances in order to create a reciprocal relationship.

#2 Technical and aesthetic part of design are really important factors, and professional knowledge is needed in order to develop the design, however everyone should have their own rights to have a desire for design, and it is important to empower people and encourage them to keep question themselves and start to practice solving questions through design process. Good environment is not only created by experts. Design is not something that is only for experts. The best environment for good design is when non-experts are able to search for the answer to their needs while they have access to help from expert designers and keep motivated.

Keywords: interaction, empower, comprehensive circumstance, motivation.


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