[Wonder Lab] Exercise 4: Wandering and Wondering

Design exists everywhere. Design exists in order to communicate, and through design we gain information, get emotional, and on the other hand, bad design can confuse us and give negative experiences.

While I was wandering around, I tried to catch little elements, especially things that I see everyday, but not considered as special. It was quite interesting to see how we think these products are there just because, and we are not aware of them. Maybe it is because we see them anywhere all the time, or maybe they are not important enough to pay attention all the time.

To think how we do not pay attention to certain things either because we are getting used to it, or it is necessary to be there.

I saw A LOT of street signs while I was walking. As I focused myself to catch all the street signs, I realized that there were a lot than I thought, and I thought signs are the really good example to see different aspects of design: some of them made progress in order to solve the problem, while others were unnecessary, some of them were not direct enough to communicate with people, while the others were straight forward enough to give a message. And moreover, some people take advantage of its original function to make their product or PR their product more efficiently.(w/o spending money)

The main purpose of signs are to give information effectively to us so that we can gain information / direction and be safe, do not break the rules. Each signs are designed differently depending on its message or its purpose, however its appearance or its meaning of those signs might also be changed as time passes, other environments etc.


Some signs were designed differently for its own purpose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the signs might not be necessary, because no one feels uncomfortable even if they are damaged or hidden.

Some of the signs were using different way to emphasize their message,


while others are redundant..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some other people put their own sign either on the sign or close to the sign to take advantage of signs’ function. (even though it is illegal)


and some of people create signs in order to communicate with others to protect their property.





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