[Wonder Lab] Exercise 3: Design is…

Which design do I consider as a good design? and which perspectives of design do I consider as important? What would be the best to way to think and get outcomes through design process? What is the boundary of design?

I think design is a starting point of every creation. All things are created based on human’s needs either intentionally and unintentionally.

Designers love to solve problems. Once designers  find something is a problem, they like to observe the current situation, and try to find and solve in a new way. It can be either a small change or it can be a whole different design. However on the other hand, sometimes designers create problems. Even though it is not a huge problem, and people do not think it is a problem, some times we try to “persuade” others to feel it is problematic.

I think design have a power to impact on the world. It can change people’s not only the behavior, but also the mindset. I believe even small changes in design can make a huge difference, such as color, materials, manufacturing method, or even its form.

I value how little tiny things are considered. I believe little considerations will help to increase interaction between the user and the product, and this leads the user to have better experience and feel comfortable. I tend to feel appreciated on how little things are considered, and this really tells me how this product is carefully designed. Even the shape of a cup leads the user’s behavior without using any text or sound based instructions.

This factor is not only applied to tangible product, but also be applied to intangible products such as web/app products. Usage of fonts and size and location of one single button can change the whole feeling of user experience.

Because I tend to pay attention what others think, and tend to focus on little things first, I feel that this habit naturally reflects my ideal belief in design. I believe design should have a purpose in order to provide great quality experiences.




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