[Wonder Lab] Exercise 2 :5 objects for the afterlife

From the last exercise(Wunderkammer), I have noticed that even though it is a collection of goods that represents the moment of “first time”, they unconsciously reflects my own personality and my point of view. Based on Wunderkammer exercise, Mark assigned us to pick 5 objects for the Afterlife and explore about them.

Before I pick 5 objects, I brainstormed some keywords that I think I have it in my mind and always be conscious. : Success, Time and Beauty.


Success: Maybe it is because of my childhood background, or maybe it is just my characteristic, however I have always wanted to be successful. The meaning of being successful can be changed depending on my situation, age, and my goal at that moment. When I goto school, I wanted to get perfect grade in everything, and wanted to be head of everyone. When I work in companies, I always wanted to get positive feedback from others. I guess in my point of view, the meaning of being successful is when I acknowledged as talented person. I always tend to compete with others no matter if it is an actual competition or not. Sometimes it motivates me to work harder and have opportunity to learn from others, but I have noticed that it also gives me a lot of stress. Comparing with others and beating myself up when I feel I am behind everyone else is quite tough, however because I always have it in my mind that I need to be somewhat exceed in something and have a specialty to survive in this jungle.

Time: I know that I do not have a great ability in time management. I always have to push myself to time manage, however it is really a hard work for me to get everything organized, and finish things in time. I always admire people who manages time wisely. Also the meaning of time is really a valuable factor to myself. Each time has it own value and it is our choice to use them wisely or not. So some of the times are really memorable to me and effects me a lot, and I tend to remind them or record them.

Beauty: I am really into beauty just like other girls. I am really into fashion, make up, diet, and so on. But then I do have a low self-esteem with my physical appearance. I always think I wish I was prettier, taller, and skinnier.

Based on this 3 main features, I picked 5 different objects which are external hard drive, mirror, my most favorite drawing, my schedulers from 2012 and hair tie.

(Photo of 5 objects goes here.)

image (25).jpeg

External hard drive

Because I value remembrance (normally good), I tend to keep photos in my external hard drive a lot. I actually got to go over all the photos, and I really enjoyed it. As I went over these photos I had different emotions, however it was a great ex
perience to think of others and get to miss these old days. I am curious that how I will feel when I see these photos when I get older. Every photos will have special value and every photos will have its own story.

Hair tie

I have a cat named Ggomang. She is just a typical American short hair black cat with big beautiful eyes. I adopted her from Pittsburgh when I was a freshman, and she was only 3 months old. I was very depressed back then, and I was having a very hard time. She really did help to overcome hard time and I still feel thankful about that. Every little things that she did like when she came to me to rub her body when I feel sad, when she sits in front of the door when I am about leave, and when she runs to me when I get back home, and especially I was so amazed when she fetches with hair tie. I do not normally tie my hair up, however I do have a lot of hair tie because of her. For me black hair tie is a symbol of my cat.


As I mentioned earlier, I am not good at time management, so I try hard myself to organize myself and write down to-do-list for everyday. I prefer paper scheduler rather than digital format because I can organize myself while I write them down and I feel happy when I tick off things that I completed. I think I will be somewhat proud of myself when I see the whole set of schedulers and it will be fun to see my evidence of effort to overcome my weakness.


I always have eager to be prettier and I think I am pretty aware of myself. When I think of me using mirror I always check myself if I am ok, and tend to focus on face parts that I do not like and see if my weakness is fully covered enough. Maybe it is because I always try to recognize what others think about me, I tend to check myself if everything is alright. I sure that I am stressed out about this, so I want to use mirror as a mediator of finding good things about myself and be confident. Same function and same face, but with different cognition.


This drawing is drawn when I was a junior in high school year and this was one of my portfolio drawings for college. It was a huge success for me to draw and express things that I want to and it was a first drawing that I was satisfied. Because everyone told be it is too late to start preparing for art college I was very depressed at that moment, however when I get a lot of compliments from others with drawing I gained more interest in drawing and started to feel confident that I can apply for art colleges. I currently do not have much time to draw things that I want to draw, however I definitely will spend time on drawing. I printed out this drawing and placed on my desk and it really helps me to remind that how I got successful result by trying so hard and it always motivates me that I can do it if I try hard.






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