[Wonder Lab] Exercise 1: Wunderkammer (Class activity)

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We did the activity based on the 10 objects that we brought to class. Without any explanation, we randomly got to infer and predict their features and personalities. It was quite interesting to see how products actually represents and reflects each person’s personality and their background.
As I mentioned earlier, I collected the objects that represented myself and first time doing something. However through this project, I found out that my objects did really reflect not only my path, but also my personality.
Through others’ feedbacks, my classmates tend to make a connection between the objects. For instance, because I brought calendar, clock, notebooks, they assumed that I am really organized and tend to plan ahead. I can’t tell that I am good at time management, however I am always aware of time and have pressure to push myself to do things on time.
The objects overall had their own stories. Even though some of the objects are not functional anymore, through putting our own stories, it became more valuable and unique. Also it is quite interesting how we keep interact with objects continuously, and its interaction changes depending on the circumstance, and interactions between other people.



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