[Wonder Lab] Exercise 1: Wunderkammer


To bring 10 objects that represents myself, my interests, and my beliefs was really hard. I started to write down memorable events, and important people.  Then based on the list, I found out that most of my listings are related to the “first” experience. So I started to collect ‘symbol’s based on the idea of  my first experiences. Because I tend to not get rid off things easily, I actually had great time to have reminiscence from old days.

I was amazed how each products have its own stories and even though they are just manufactured goods, they became special after I put my own meaning in it. Some of the goods are still used, however the other goods are not used by its original functionality. It was interesting to think how products’ usage is changed depending on my interpretation. For instance, I am done using my diary/ notebook, however I do not get rid of them, because it contains my own schedule and stories. Because of its contents, the diary itself got more valuable, and it became more special to me even though its functionality is not existing anymore.

As I mentioned earlier, I tried to collect products that symbolizes special events. Then I realized that my stories can be either my own story or story that others are involved. So I created a timeline with the items that I picked.



Photo of me skiing : This photo reminds me when I first started to learn how to ski. I was 5 years old and I remember I was really scared, and I hesitated myself if I can make this, because slope seemed too steep. However once I tried, I really enjoyed to ride a ski, and my mom told me that I spent more than 4 hours skiing. I feel like this experience really was my first time when I become courageous in order to try whole new thing. Also it is quite interesting to see how I am still taking the same process until now when I try something new.

Electronic Dictionary: This product is not used anymore, and it is broken. However, electronic dictionary used to be a necessity for students. Because it is mandatory for us to study English, almost everyone used to carry electronic dictionary. My dad bought it for me when I was a 1st grader in elementary school. I think this electronic dictionary really fitting for the symbol of me starting to learn English. This electronic dictionary not only contains my memory of learning English, but also other memories. It was quite interesting that how advanced these electronic dictionaries were. They became more advanced; more functions were added such as color screen, games, MP3, and so on. Because it became a ‘historical’ device that not many people are using nowadays, I feel this electronic dictionary is more precious even though it is not working anymore.

Dad’s note: I found this note when I was skimming over photo albums. This is just a simple letter from my dad that is written on a post it, however this means a lot to me, because it’s the first letter that I got from my dad. The letter is short but it means a lot to me. It really encourages me every time I read it, and after I found this note from the photo album, I decided to carry this note in my wallet.

Photo of my brother: This photo always makes me laugh. It is a photo of me starring at my brother when I first met him. I still remember I was just starring at him forever. I was really amazed how small  he was, and how red he was. His movement captured my eyes and he became the closest person in the world.

Checkbook: I started studying abroad since high school years, and this checkbook represents me of being independent. I had to take care of money on my own, and I had to pay things on my own. Because check was totally a new thing for me to use, I was pretty nervous and amazed every time I use my checkbook. I always double checked if I made any mistakes.

Color pencils: This color pencils are all worn out and some of the color pencils are missing, however because I know that I used this color pencils when in high school years. I guess I started to get really interested in art when I took art class in hight school.

CMU magnet: “Congratulations, you are a Tartan”. Because CMU was my first choice, this short message made me really proud of myself and I keep this magnet since freshmen year. When I see this magnet it kind of reminds me how excited I was when I get accepted to CMU and how happy I was that I get to study design.

Photo I.D: I didn’t get rid off my old CMU photo I.D even though we have different card design. Although this card is useless, I feel like that this card contains half of my college years because I used to carry it with me all the time.

Cat collar: I adopted my cat when I was a freshmen. She is an American short hair black cat, and she means a lot to me. She makes me feel happy when I am exhausted or sad, and she really helps me to go through my tough college years. This red collar is my first gift for ‘Ggomang’, and she is still wearing it.

Clock: I bought this clock after I started to move out to apartment and live on my own. I really loved the design because of its unique style. (Dali’s melting clock) Because I am really into interior design products, and this was my first gift for myself after I have my own apartment, I keep this clock as a symbol of me living on my own.

Calendar: I bought this calendar when I first visited New York. I have always had some sort of fantasy to New York, because New York seems to be the best place that shows the image of United States, and because I really wanted to visit landmarks and especially art museums such as MoMa, Whitney etc. this calendar that I got from MoMa museum always reminds me of my New York travel.

Minion Figure: I am a huge fan of Minion because of their characteristics, behavior , voice and everything. I started to collect minion figures, dolls. I was never so into collecting something or obsessed about something, it was quite an interesting to find myself being obsessed with it.

SSN Card: When I first got a job on campus, I get to gain a SSN card. It might sound null and typical to people who already have them, but for me it was a really huge thing.

Diary/ Notebook: These carries my whole story when I took a year off and stayed in Korea. While I was in Korea I get to work on projects I have always wanted to do, learn programs, meet new people, and do the internship based on what I have learned and done in Korea. I felt that years’ been really precious and it really helped me to become more mature and let me to think about my future and myself also.



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