Reflect, critique and document

Trend is generated continuously and vanished at the same time. Once trend gets old, people think it is not “cool” and they are forgotten. Trend is created by a lot of elements and situations. It can be created by one influential person, or it can be created by cultural, social influences. I personally think design can be one of the factors that effects and guides or even creates certain trends. Some of the changes take a huge part of design, such as Minimalism, however I feel most of the trends are created through social events and and design helps to configure its movement and refine them.
Thinking what would happen in the future was very challenging than I thought. Because the topic was too abroad, it was hard for me to focus on one single change. So I decided to apply myself in order to find a right topic for me.
As a student who is studying abroad, language is a huge barrier for me. And I am not the only one who is having same problem. Using different language and to learn a new language is a challenge, however nowdays it is not very surprising to be a bilingual. By starting off from this situation, I was able to narrow it down to one big scenario.
Design can be such a broad meaning that can be applied to different fields. I feel that the term of ‘designer’ can be applied differently, and before I thought design is just used when create visual or physical things, however after I tried to look wider, design can happen in all over the place. I personally think designers can act either within the story or scenario, and they also can act oppositely. If someone finds such situation as a problem, he/she might try to change and develop through process and research. I won’t say it is not designers’ necessary duty to make a change, however designers can lead others and guide others to get somehow ‘prepared’ for the future.
Language is also a creation from ‘designers’. They are designed in order to help people to communicate each other. Language can define people, culture, history, and our society. Language is also influenced by those features, so language changes, is created, and is gone as times passes or society changes. As time passes, more and more languages were created and more people tend to learn certain languages that are widely used. It is pretty interesting to see even little kids starting to learn their second language as they learn first language. Because of this phenomenon, people started to create products that helps to learn languages. In this case I think the role of designers is more likely acting within the story or scenario. Because realizing the natural social movement, designers decide to create all kinds of goods based on the social phenomenon.
As time changes, there will be people who are isolated to the new influence, while others adapt them quickly and creates new environments. I think it is designers’ duty to not to ignore the minorities and give equal chances in order to live in the society more effectively.

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