[Wonder Lab] Script – Design Ethos

Original) As technology develops, massive amount of goods are created and consumers are easily able to purchase them. As more consumption path are provided to consumers, this phenomenon will cause another tendency of people replacing or over-consuming products. This can make people to lack emotional and close relationship to the products they own, and  tend… Continue reading [Wonder Lab] Script – Design Ethos

[Wonder Lab] Exercise 5:Thesis

#1 Every design has its own purpose, and different designs interact each other and creates ambitendency. Through design process, we consistently speculate and create new things based on our desire and needs. Because interaction is important, every design needs to derive empathy from the targeted user. Each design needs to consider other designs and its… Continue reading [Wonder Lab] Exercise 5:Thesis

[Wonder Lab] Exercise 4: Wandering and Wondering

Design exists everywhere. Design exists in order to communicate, and through design we gain information, get emotional, and on the other hand, bad design can confuse us and give negative experiences. While I was wandering around, I tried to catch little elements, especially things that I see everyday, but not considered as special. It was quite interesting to… Continue reading [Wonder Lab] Exercise 4: Wandering and Wondering

[Wonder Lab] Exercise 2 :5 objects for the afterlife

From the last exercise(Wunderkammer), I have noticed that even though it is a collection of goods that represents the moment of “first time”, they unconsciously reflects my own personality and my point of view. Based on Wunderkammer exercise, Mark assigned us to pick 5 objects for the Afterlife and explore about them. Before I pick… Continue reading [Wonder Lab] Exercise 2 :5 objects for the afterlife

[Wonder Lab] Exercise 1: Wunderkammer (Class activity)

We did the activity based on the 10 objects that we brought to class. Without any explanation, we randomly got to infer and predict their features and personalities. It was quite interesting to see how products actually represents and reflects each person’s personality and their background. As I mentioned earlier, I collected the objects that… Continue reading [Wonder Lab] Exercise 1: Wunderkammer (Class activity)