Concept development

Based on the idea of using 3 most spoken/ written language (English, Chinese and Coding) for the unified language, I have decided to develop a educational service mainly for families members with different age range.

The idea of the service is to provide educational contents that encourages the user to ‘enjoy’ learning through interacting with other family members. From my personal experience and web search, a lot of people are gaining successful improvement by playing games, watching social media, and songs. Because it is very natural if people are interested, they are eager to learn extra and deeply, I thought key is to find contents that all age range feel familiar and can learn quickly.

So before I design a new educational platform, I explored about current language education services.





Duolingo turns learning a foreign language into a game. The more answers you get correct, the more XP and Lingots, a form of in-game currency, you’ll earn. You can also duel against friends if you choose. The main way Duolingo aims to teach you a foreign language is by repetition, conversation, and audibly speaking. If you go several days without completing any lessons, your skill level will fall and you’ll have to go back and strengthen those skills again. This method means you stay motivated to practice regularly. Currently Duolingo offers free courses in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English and can sync your progress between both iPhone and iPad.



Memrise currently supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish completely for free. For those that are visual learners, Memrise should be right up your alley since it uses visual cues and puns to help you learn phrases and words. Each word or phrase is paired with memorable cartoons, sentences, or phrases that should help you remember what that particular phrase means. Typically each one has multiples so you can choose the one that sticks in your mind the best. Each time you’ve learned a few new words, Memrise then quizzes you on what you’ve covered to keep everything fresh in your mind.

Learn languages with Babbel


Babbel offers a series of different apps that let you learn many different languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and more. Much like Duolingo, Babbel uses a combination of repetition, completing phrases, and repeating back phrases. You can set custom learning goals as well so you can stay on track. All your progress will also be synced between iPhone, iPad, and on the web so you can pick up where you left off from anywhere. To use Babbel to its full potential, you’ll need a subscription which starts at around $11 a month for each language.

Living language courses


The Living Language series by Random House offers many apps covering many languages spanning from Italian and English to Hindi and Korean. All courses have the same main interface and focus on completing sentences, learning new words, and testing your skills periodically. What I like about the Living Language series is that you can purchase a full course or individual sections. For example, perhaps you know enough of a language to bypass introductory courses. You can just buy the ones you need instead and save yourself a little money. The Living Language series is one of the only ones I could find that supported Arabic as well.

Based on this research, I started to organize the possible features:

  1. Lectures
  2. Entertaining contents (games, songs etc.)
  3.  Communication method (chat, call, video chat etc.)

I wanted to create a simple platform that only contains minimum functions, and to give  soft environment, I used pastel toned color scheme. Also in order to motivate especially younger generation, I decided to make a reward so that they can gain points when they win the game.


In order to describe about the service, and emphasize advantages of this service, I thought advertise might be the best way to express. Therefore I created a service website.

Check website: 



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