Idea Finalization

From the last discussion, I have noticed that programming language does really becoming a primary language that a lot of people are learning and using, however it has limitation on my previous scenario: Programming language becoming a primary language in communication. Because coding language has very different structure with other language, I started to think if there is a unified language, how the unified language would look like and how it will be developed? Based on these questions, I decided to develop unified language as a fusion of current language and coding language.

According to Ansaldo, A. I., Marcotte, K., Scherer, L., & Raboyeau, G. (2008). Language therapy and bilingual aphasia: Clinical Implications of psycholinguistic and neuroimaging research. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 21, 539-557.

De Bot, K. (1992). A bilingual production model: Levelt’s ‘speaking’ model adapted. Applied Linguistics, 13 (1), 1-24., over 50% of people are currently bilingual and  English and Chinese is the most widely used language.

From the research that I went through I set up a scenario as this new language (I will call it CCE which stands for Coding,Chinese,English) becoming a primary language.

Side effects

  • As people using new language, there will be a language gap between generations. This will cause miscommunication between generations and this phenomenon will be caused not only at the workplace, but also at home.
  • Because of using different language, communication will be more disconnected.


  • Numerous of translation service products will be invented, however as time passes, services for particular language will be vanished.
  • There will be a lot of educational products of learning CCE language, and products that are redesigned with new language will be created such as laptop, cellphone keyboard, app etc.
  • CCE language will appear in a lot of goods. (nutrition info., signs, game instruction etc.)

With these key factors, I came up with few questions:

What would be the solution for these side effects? How can we encourage older generations to learn this new language? Is there anyway we can foster closer connection between different generations by solving this problem at the same time?

Based on the questions above, I reminded one of my projects: PNC sandbox project. I researched about teenagers’ financial literacy. Also designed an online simulation that teaches teenagers about money and encouraged to discuss about family financial values. Through this research process, I have noticed that education program for both parents and kids did encourage them to have further conversation and through this process and moreover both parents and kids get to gain financial knowledge.

From this experience I thought designing an interface that encourages both generations will be a good solution.


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