Process : Idea sharing

Based on the contents from exercise 3, my classmates and I shared about our own semi-finalized ideas/ progress of this project. There were a lot of interesting ideas that seemed pretty realistic.

So after I shared my idea of using whole different language (some new language that is based on coding), and its predicted scenario and trend, I got some feedbacks from my classmates and Dan. There was a opinion that because the language structure of coding is very different from our speaking language, it might be a bit hard to imagine people totally communicating with the programming language. Also I was able to get some references that are related to my idea of creating a new language: Lojban and Edward de Bono.

We briefly went over one of the Edward de Bono’s concept,’Lateral thinking‘ and about Lojban during class. After class, Lojban seems to be quite similar to my basic concept, so I started to look up the definition of Lojban.


(Lojban symbol)

Lojban (pronounced [ˈloʒban] ( listen)) is a constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language based on predicate logic, succeeding the project of Loglan. The name “Lojban” is a compound formed from loj and ban, which are short forms of logji (logic) and bangu (language).

Basically Lojban is a language that is constructed by many people and it has been built for over 50 years. (which is quite surprising) These are the features of Lojban language:

  • Lojban’s grammar is simpler than of most natural languages, but complex in its own unique way. Lojban is an experiment in thought, as well: its users aim to see how its unique language structures affect thought and understanding.
  • Lojban allows the expression of tiny nuances in emotion, using words called attitudinals, which are essentially spoken emoticons.
  • Lojban allows you to communicate concisely without unnecessary or undesired details. For example, you don’t have to always think of what tense (past, present or future) to use in a verb when it’s already clear from context.
  • Lojban is machine parsable, which allows potential new explorations in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine translation.
  • Lojban has a live community of speakers expanding its vocabulary day by day.
  • Lojban is designed aiming at being neutral between cultures.                                      -

They created educational videos to teach the basic concept through how to speak the language. Moreover, I have noticed that they are trying to expand the culture by composing music using Lojban language.

-Lojban lesson video    – Lojban Song


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