Exercise 3 : Storytelling Scenarios

From the questions that I came up with (exercise 2.1), I reminded the video that we watched during the class. ‘Uninvited guests’ is a short film that is created by Superflux, and this video shows the conflict between advanced technology and an elderly man.


This video shows how technology can make people’s life tired even though they are created in order to make life easier. By watching this video, I thought the life will be really different between young generation and old generation as technology develops. (or even between early adopters vs laggards) I came up with a question. If coding became a dominant unified language, how will people who do not know how to code will live in this society? What kind of products will be invented in this situation?


Coding became a dominant language that it became an everyday language. One single coding language is used as a unified language globally. People use coding while we are talking, and writing.

Based on this background, I will create a scenario that shows 10-year-old Kate’s everyday life in first person’s point of view.


Kate uses coding language as a first language, and her parents still use English as their first language.

Kate – uses both coding language, and English while she is talking to her parents.

Kate’s parents – use only English, however they understand basic coding by taking basic coding class.


  • Computer is mandatory.
  • All the students needs to learn ‘unified language’ however each student can choose different coding languages depending on their interest.
  • Some of the classes are taught by a computer and they can either type or talk to computer during the class.
  • Learn electronic musical instrument for the extra curricular activity

Visiting grandparents

  • Kate tries to learn English while she meets her grandparents.
  • Because it is too hard to learn coding language for elderly people, they carry coding interpreting device all the time.

Possible products: School education interface, coding interpreter device


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