Exercise 2.1 – Side-effects and side-shows (Narrow down)

As I covered from exercise 2, due to the minimalism in communication, people tend to feel closer and have more effective conversation, however because of the generation or cultural difference, communication can be more difficult. This phenomena really captured my mind and I decided to extend this idea.

Language was invented as the way of communication between humans since primitive age, and different languages are derived depending on the geological and cultural factors. According to CLD (Center for Language Diversity), there are 6909 languages that are currently used. Only 20 languages are used by majority of people. Even if it is a same language, people tend to use differently depending on their place, job field, or generation.

As technology progresses new language is created: Computer language. Although, there are so many different types of coding, people from all over the world use the same exact language depending on the program. Coding is not just for the programmers: People in different fields are learning how to code, and there are so many articles about how coding is getting more important as technology develops. As a design student, I also feel that coding is very useful for different

Coding is widely used and different generations starts to learn and use coding. I looked up online and found many articles about children learning the concept of coding since they are young. A lot of companies are now launching different educational coding products.

After I searched these social trend, I questioned myself:

  • Would there be any cultural or social gap between people who know computer language and who don’t?
  • How is this trend can impact on our lives? (In language, culture, etc.)
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Would there be any chance of computer language becoming a everyday language?
  • What kind of products will be invented due to this social trend?

Based on these questions I will develop possible scenarios.


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