Exercise 3 : Storytelling Scenarios

From the questions that I came up with (exercise 2.1), I reminded the video that we watched during the class. ‘Uninvited guests’ is a short film that is created by Superflux, and this video shows the conflict between advanced technology and an elderly man. https://vimeo.com/128873380 This video shows how technology can make people’s life tired… Continue reading Exercise 3 : Storytelling Scenarios

Exercise 2.1 – Side-effects and side-shows (Narrow down)

As I covered from exercise 2, due to the minimalism in communication, people tend to feel closer and have more effective conversation, however because of the generation or cultural difference, communication can be more difficult. This phenomena really captured my mind and I decided to extend this idea. Language was invented as the way of… Continue reading Exercise 2.1 – Side-effects and side-shows (Narrow down)

Exercise 2 – Side-effects and side-shows

Minimalism Minimalism have the concept of ‘Less is more’ and emphasizes the aesthetic of being ’empty’. Minimalism have the sense of  reducing everything except its essence. This idea started to spring from late 1960s, and it became one of the biggest trend in so many different fields: art, design, fashion, and even life patterns. Minimalism effects… Continue reading Exercise 2 – Side-effects and side-shows